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All registrations will be processed providing that you have read and accepted the conditions of the festival which are described below. 

These general terms and conditions are the essential part of the contract registration between the Organization and the individual who registered to Barswingona. If you do not agree to this document during registration (and thus do not agree with the terms) you will not be able to attend the festival.

The payment method at Barswingona is a one-time payment of 100% of the amount, either via online payment platform or via bank transfer to the account of Associació SHDansa, organizers of Barswingona. In the case when the payment is not made after 10 natural days, the registration will be cancelled and the slot will be released. 

Once the payment has been done, the Barswingona Organization considers this reservation as paid, and will not be compromised to any total or partial refund. Please, note that we don’t give refunds for paid registrations. If there is the case that you cannot attend the Festival, we suggest that you look for someone to buy your pass. This person must have the same role as you and the same level if classes are included. To transfer the registration you must inform by writing us as soon as possible (and definitely before April 3rd, 2023) at this email address:

Please include the following information:

  • Your name and surname.
  • The type of pass being transferred.
  • Full name and email of the person taking the pass.

In cases of force majeure such as pandemic, epidemic, outbreak, crisis, war, terrorist attack, labor strikes, extreme weather, government actions, etc., Barswingona could cancel, postpone or modify the nature of the festival, as well as absolve itself of the responsibility of making a complete refund for reasons beyond its control. In any case, the Organization may retain a percentage of the amount paid under the concept of administrative fees consisting of covering the part of expenses already produced and not recoverable during the year prior to the event. In any case, the Organization will always try to consider alternative options to reduce damage to both parties.

If the event is cancelled or postponed by us (the organizers) due to circumstances beyond our control participants will have the option to transfer their passes for the new date of the event.

Barswingona Organization reserves the right to change schedules, location, teachers, bands and price of the workshops and / of the evening dances and communicate any changes on the website.

Associació SHDansa will not be held responsible for any physical injuries, or damages to / thefts of private property that might occur during Barswingona. With this, Associació SHDansa does not take responsibility for accidents or losses, thefts or harm that occur to participants at the event for whatever reason, unless such harm comes from the fault of the organizers themselves.

By clicking on the Terms and Conditions for the attendees of Barswingona on the registration page via Internet, you state that you fully agree with the content of this document and will obey all the rules and regulations.

1. Fill in the registration form. Please note that in case that space runs out – or there is a high imbalance between leads and follows in any given group, registrants can be put on a waiting list.

2. You will receive a personalized email confirming your place and giving details on how to make the payment within ten natural days. If your payment is not received within that time, your place will be awarded to someone else.

* In the case that not all of the levels are filled, we may have to reorganize the groups – but we will always inform you of any changes and options in advance.

Information from Barswingona organizers is collected only through direct input from customers such as email, names, address, phone number, etc. The information is collected for personalization of the interaction with the website, improvement of the website and the services, execution of the offered services and user data is not distributed/shared/sold to third parties. All necessary precautions to ensure the security of the user data has been taken. Users have the right to contact us and request to delete or change all personal information.

The users and total or partial attendees of Barswingona, being of legal age, in full possession of their civil rights, states that during the days of celebration of Barswingona, may be photographed and/or filmed. These images are intended to portray the events of Barswingona, and in any case there is a mercantilist interest of such images. The Organization of Barswingona is not responsible for any use that third persons or companies do without the permission of those images.

For all these reasons, expressly I AUTHORIZE the use of my personal image resulting from the festival as mentioned.

And for the record and takes effect, I agree to this authorization under the provisions of the Organic Law 1/1982 of 5 May, Civil Protection the right to honor, to personal and family privacy and Self-Image. The general acceptance of these terms implies permission of this clause on the transfer of right image.

Associació SHDansa believes Lindy Hop and Jazz are live art forms, and we wish to approach these artistic expressions with respect and appreciation. 

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy these activities with complete peace of mind. and that everyone has a responsibility to build a safe environment and contribute to the well-being of the whole community. 

No type of violent, intimidating, sexist, racist, or exclusionary behavior will be tolerated under any circumstances. If you see or experience any improper behavior during the festival please contact the organization team immediately. The organization promise to treat any reports made, from dancers in our home scenes or elsewhere, with sensitivity and to keep all details as confidential as possible. Also, the organization reserves the right to expel anyone who acts inappropriately.

Dancing is a very physical activity and as such, everyone is responsible for their own physical safety and that of others nearby. Practice a safe floor-craft, say sorry if you accidentally bump into another person, do not offer unsolicited advice or instruction, nor perform aerials on the social floor, except in jam circles.

The guidelines above apply to everyone attending Barswingona, including members of staff, volunteers, teachers, judges and participants.