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Enric Peidro comes with his Swingtet to make the Barswingona a special place for dancers. They play classic jazz with amazing arrangements thought for Lindy Hoppers. As a special occasion, Enric will bring some surprises to add more power to his Swingtet. It is going to be memorable!

Professor Cunningham and His Old School is one of the most sought-after groups on the international scene, performing around the world at major events and festivals. This award-winning New York-based band performs the most swinging and grooving repertoire ranging from the streets of New Orleans to the early dance halls of Harlem NYC.

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This formation of four brilliant musicians will make you vibrate. They play mellow and powerful music that will keep you dancing throughout the whole night.

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It is a tradition that this band plays for Barswingona, and this year they couldn’t be missed. A Big Band composed of highly talented young musicians (aged from 7 to 18) under the direction of Joan Chamorro.

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