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One of the most internationally recognized couples. They have a dynamic, elegant and powerful style that is a testament to their diverse backgrounds and their growth together. Their passion for the dance and the culture of swing has grown with them and it is something they constantly strive to develop and express.

They come to Barswingona because of their quality as teachers and as performers.

A very active couple who teach in London and around the world. Their dance is full of power movements based on social connections as a result of focusing on the basics, practicing interesting rhythms and finding unfamiliar moves. Good competitors as they are, they always get good places in international competitions.

They will share these amazing ideas at Barswingona.

This International tap dance teacher and performer is a rhythm genius. Although she sees herself more as a musician, she is a cheerful and powerful dancer who spreads her passion for this art form everywhere she performs.

For Barswingona, she will share a clear way to evolve in rhythm, no matter if you are a new or a very experienced solo jazz dancer.

Marion & Sylvain are a dynamic duo that is as passionate about social Lindy Hop as performance Lindy Hop. They love to explore all the different ways to express themselves through this dance pushing the boundaries of leading and following, and creating a space where everyone suggests and responds independently of their ‘dance role’. With a very inspiring “groove”, and contagious happiness, We love their apparent simplicity because we know that behind this there is a deep exploration.

Inspired by Jazz music, she explores and embraces all kinds of creative ways in her dancing. Believing in a personal dance language, she’s developing her own, based on rhythmical movement.

Taking the classic rhythms of the Swing music as the foundation, she challenges herself to keep them alive through her own perspective and interpretation.

She will inspire the students with high-quality classes and movement challenges.